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Bunya Solutions provides arboricultural and landscape consultancy services to assist in managing the successful integration of urban vegetation assets with build infrastructure. Clients include design professionals, property managers and developers, the legal profession and government bodies.

Tree Assessment

Professional tree assessment has regard for the species characteristics in considering the health, structural integrity and risk associated with trees. The context of the present and future use of its surrounding grounds and infrastructure are important considerations.

Landscape Assessment

Bunya Solutions has developed a sophisticated risk reporting tool for landscape which assists to identify, assess and prioritise degrading assets requiring attention. 

Developer Services

Bunya Solutions has decades of experience assisting developers and their design professionals who cooperate to produce development plans. Preliminary arborist assessment identifies tree retention priorities followed by management plans to support desired or conditioned outcomes.

Reports to Council

Councils require arborist reports for a wide range of reasons. These may involve disturbance to footpath trees for new driveway through to assessment of trees on sites proposed for development. Specialist training in recognised Tree Hazard Assessment procedures is a frequent prerequisite.

Expert Wittness Services

The scope and professionalism of the arborist services offered by Bunya Solutions has been recognised by the Planning and Environment Court in Queensland. The rigor and expertise required of the role of expert witness is applied to all aspects of arboricultural and landscape consultancy services offered by Bunya Solutions.

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